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Alina software is a hub of talented pools which has formed with the massive approach of offering deadline deliveries along with meeting their quality guidelines. Please have a look at our work-

Looking for an iOS mobile development company that can understand your vision and develop it according to your specific tastes and interests? Look no further. At Subcodevs, we are experienced in creating iOS apps of various genres – from gaming to eCommerce. We deliver reliable, secure, and comprehensive services that solve a number of business needs. We offer secure transactions, payment gateway support, and social media integration as well.

Let us know about the brand image you want your website to convey and we'll work on it accordingly. With our innovative designs and clean code, here is what you get:

  • Integrate music in your app
  • Chat integration and social media development.
  • With clear design and smooth navigation, your visitors will be compelled to stay.
  • Any app functionality you want
  • We provide beautiful aesthetics and clear coding, and make sure it has room for your suggestions.
  • We add a little SEO magic to your App so that they can gain traffic as quickly as possible.
  • The right layout and calligraphy ensures you get the best outcome for you niche.
  • As possible as Cost and Time savings work according to you and no any hidden charges.


We give you the opportunity to prove your credibility. You have to tell your customers why you deserve their trust through your Applications.

Money Back

The app doesn't perform the way it intended to? Get your money back. We promise accurate results.

End to End

Have a concept in mind? An idea? Let us know. We will design, develop, and test the app. We will also get it placed in the iTunes store.


First impressions matter a lot. The apps we develop have striking looks and smooth functionality.


Build a brand with a foolproof app that never fails. Offer your customers a unique experience that stays in their minds for long.

Clean W3C

With our clean code practices, we make sure that all standards are maintained and the app is easy to operate and test.


First impressions matter a lot. The apps we develop have striking looks and smooth functionality.


Our Portfolio

We have developed Windows applications for many companies like its website, web apps, software, Database Applications,Apart from Windows-based applications we have developed, Linux Tools and Android, Apps Ios app and more...

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